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All condos at The Spires have access to high speed internet via an internal fiber optic network, referred to as SpiresNet. Most condos connect to SpiresNet via their private WiFi. 

SpiresNet is available at no extra cost as part of the common expense fees.  Internet via Comcast or AT&T is also available, at homeowner expense.  

These six Youtube videos explain some important aspects of SpiresNet. Residents are encouraged to watch at least the Introduction, Overview and Channel Assignments. The Spires internet committee developed channel assignments to minimize WiFi interference from adjacent condos. Coordination of WiFi channels helps ensure that we maintain the best possible internet experience in our high-density residential environment.

Spires WiFi Introduction

2.   Overview - Internet and SpiresNet

3.   WiFi - How it works

4.   WiFi - Survey Results

5.   Spires WiFi - Action Plan

6.   Spires WiFi - Channel Assignments